8 Easy Ways to Tackle Board Exam Stress

Hello Scholars..!!!

As February inches near, the heart-beat races faster than ever. Reason: Board Exam Stress

Exams take a test of your Memory, Learning  & Patience. Irrespective of how uber cool you are, exam stress especially the stress of  Board exams makes you panicked more often as the day nears. The students appearing in the exam get stress due to some obvious reseason.


In the Indian education system boards exam especially the 10th board’s exam is known as the foundation of our academics. Hence every student appearing for the board exam get nervous as it is the first major academic exam of his/her life.

Apart from this pressure from family, school and friends for obtaining a good percentage of marks in board exams are one of the main reasons behind the stress in Students.

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Due to this the students often strain themselves too much that in the end, it causes health issues, lack of concentration which gives a negative impact on your performance in the board Exams.

Before the stress of the exam overpowers your mind you need to do some very easy exercise to get rid off of the stress due to board exams.

Here are a few ways to keep stress at bay. Let have a look and follow the below mention tips to stay away from Stress.

How to Manage the Stress of Board Exam 

Apart from the above mention reasons, there are several other factors that are equally responsible for stress in the students appearing in the 10th and 12th Board Exam 2020. Here I am mentioning few very easy butt most effective measures which every student appearing in board exam should follow to avoid any type of stress during an examination.


1  Choose the right method for revision:


If you are well prepared in advance half of your worries would vanish. So, make a dedicated time-table and allot a fixed time for every subject. This way you can get to revise more subjects if planned accordingly. A properly planned revision is also necessary before the exams. Learn each subject by understanding the basics not just mugging up.


2 Stay organized:


Cluttering is nothing more than postponed decisions. With a messed up study-table, you might end up spending more time in finding the books. Therefore it’s necessary to stay tidy & systematic. You can take the help of a planner to organize your academic schedule and stay updated.

3Watch video lectures & take notes:

If you are struck anywhere with any topic, you can watch video lectures available online as they are handy and give a brief about any topic you are looking for plus you can get a new outlook on other topics that might be helpful for you.

4 Practice your hobby: 

What’s your favorite past-time?? May it be reading novels, gardening, singing, cooking, dancing, painting or any other if this is what gives you peace of mind and keeps you happy you should pursue it to relieve the stress. This would give you a break from continuous studies & lower your stress levels. You can also watch your favorite movie which makes you happy.

5 Meditate or exercise:

Once you wake up from the bed and freshen up, take out ten minutes and meditate inhaling the fresh air and exhaling all your worries. A morning walk or exercise also has many health benefits as it would keep you composed. If you are a gym lover and you have taken a break from the gym owing to exams, I suggest you should join your classes again so that your physical fitness is maintained.

6 Eat healthy & take proper sleep:

Exam preparations take a toll on your health and sleep. While preparing for boards you are utterly stressed out that you forget to take care of your health. There needs to be a balance maintained between your health & studies. So, eat right and stay hydrated along with taking ample sleep. Remember fuelling your body too is necessary.

7 Stay motivated

Whatever your ultimate goal is, you should stay motivated and focussed. No one understands us better than our parents. If ever you feel you are freaked out, share your concerns with your family. Parents’ support is one of the keys to keep you motivated and boost your confidence.

8 Choose when to avoid using Smart-phone:

Smart-phone no doubt helps us for quick reference or contact but they might also be a medium of distraction plus multi-tasking while using the phone when studying will divert your attention to checking your phone again and again. You can choose to mute all the notifications and keep your cell-phone at a far place to stay focused on studying.


In the end, it’s how you react to stress matters more. If you react positively, you will cease to overcome the tension & stay concentrated. If you negatively take the stress, you might end up decreasing your grades.

So don’t overstress yourself, Just focus on doing your Best..!!

  Wishing you all the luck for exams..!! Do well..!!

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