8 Effective Way to Score Good Marks in Board Exam 2020

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Exam puts a lot of strain on us physically as well as drains us mentally. When it comes to the boards the pressure is doubled as your future rests in your hands i.e. by the way you prepare yourself for the upcoming Boards.

There are a lot of expectations & dreams associated with the result of your boards & trust me the time flies faster as the board exams near. But don’t worry, the way you equip yourself matters a lot & here we are going to give you a set of ways to prepare for your boards effectively. Here it goes:


How To Score Good Marks in Board Exams 2020

The date for board exams are already announced and a few weeks left for the preparation for the board exams. All the students are putting their best effort into exam preparation to score a good percentage of marks. We are here with a few easy tips which can be very helpful for all the students appearing in the 10th and 12th board exam 2020.

For the preparation of any exam the first thing which you need to have a rid of unnecessary exam stress. Most of the students complain that due to stress they find it difficult to focus on their study if you are also facing the same exam pressure read How To Manage Stress Due to Board Exam.

By following the below mention tips you will be able to cover more topics in less time and thus give an edge to your preparation. Let’s have a look!

1 Chalk out

Mark out all the chapters you will finish in a day. Make the time-table according to your abilities. Set a planner and make a target of every day’s plan let’s assume 8 chapters a day. By the end of the day, you need to finish it. Try to avoid late-night studies when possible.  Study a maximum of two subjects per day, one in the morning & one in the evening and a quick revision after dinner.


2Time allocation

Do not waste your time on any kind of distraction. Prepare a list of subjects including all the chapters. Eliminate the chapters in which you can answer easily by studying at the last moment and pay more attention to the chapters you find difficult and go through it first. Try to finish the chapters and then start a rigorous revision. Go through the notes you had made during the year and stay devoted to your books.


3 Start with the subjects you find tough

There are always subject which makes us dread more. Study religiously. Focus on the concept rather than the syllabus, if your concepts are clear you can put it down in your words easily. So it’s better to finish up the topics of the toughest subject early.

Tip: Don’t ignore English, go through a chapter while taking a break.


4 Don’t be just glued to books

Take small breaks while studying as continuous studies will drain you more. A break for say 10-15 minutes in between is necessary to refresh yourself. Take a walk around your place, grab something to eat or even a quick nap of 15minutes whichever you prefer but don’t wander off as you need to start over from where you left.


5 Make notes of  each topic

Keep sticky notes handy so that while going through subjects you can note down the difficult topics and post it in the textbook or table. You can also use it to jot down formulas or equations so that you won’t have to go in detail.

Tip: Try to improve your writing speed


6 Solve the Sample papers

Refer to the sample papers or solved board papers for the last 10 years. This will help you a lot as you can better understand the question pattern and the marking scheme allotted for each section. You can also get an idea of which topic has been asked frequently and what to expect this year.

7 Stay hydrated

Your body needs to be fuelled every now & then to keep you stay healthy. Keep a bottle of water along with you while you study. You can also keep glucose water along with you as our brain is made up mostly of glucose and works more effectively with a dose of glucose.


8 Take ample sleep

Our body cycle goes through a lot of change when you prepare for your exams as you devote most of your time to studies. This affects your mental health. So get a good sleep to say about a minimum of 6 hours so that you have relaxed eyes and mind free for gasping in knowledge. Maintain a fixed time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Once this is in order, everything will fall into its place.


Remember stress arises only when something you care about is at stake. So, if you prepare smartly half of your stress would fade away.


Wishing you all happy & good boards..!!! J

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